Jones in league of his own

ONE OF synth pop’s most ardent campaigners, Howard Jones’s music is part of the zeitgeist of 1980s Britain.

Hits What is Love? Pearl in the Shell and Hide and Seek blended cheery pop with technological advancement.

It’s not surprising then, that among Jones’ heroes were fellow synth artists The Human League, which is why Jones’ forthcoming Sheffield show is so significant.

The show is part of an eight-date UK tour, which kicks off next week.

Jones will be performing his first two studio albums, Human’s Lib and Dream Into Action, back to back live in their entirety for the first time on a full-scale nationwide UK tour.

Almost 30 years has passed since Jones released Human’s Lib in 1984, yet the political and social context of this forthcoming tour is not dissimilar to that surrounding the album’s original release.

Jones’ music – which treads a fine line between happy and sombre – emerged from a society that witnessed the miners’ strike and race riots. Today’s tour follows a summer of riots, more strikes and political dissatisfaction.

But while the social setting for Jones’ original release and his latest tour is similar, music technology has progressed enormously.

The show will combine retro synths with cutting-edge technology combined with live visuals.

Howard Jones plays on April 12 at the O2, Arundel Gate.