Life in the Slow lane

Slow Club 2011
Slow Club 2011

It seems a long time since Slow Club played their inaugural gigs at the Green Room in 2006.

Since then, the band has released two albums, a stream of singles and is currently working on their next LP.

Charles Watson, vocalist and guitarist, says: “It’s strange when you think how it all happened and to think of that first gig at the Green Room on Devonshire Green.”

It’s the moments of reflection like this that reinforces Watson’s belief that the key is to stay positive.

“We’re very lucky. We work hard but we’re not disappointed by things - it’s all happened quite quickly for us but it’s nice to be able to do something creative. It focuses the mind and allows you to have a collage of your life - we can look back over the last six or seven years through our albums, they remind us of how we were feeling at the time. It’s a bit like a photo album.”

The band is now working on its third album, which has a working title of Complete Surrender. And it’s a title that perhaps nods to the laborious process of coming up with the title itself.

“Titles are very difficult. It’s a bit like naming a baby - you can’t really give it a name until it’s born, because it might not suit a particular name. It’s the same with the album, you have to wait until it’s finished.”

But it was while writing title tracks Complete Surrender that everything clicked.

“We had written that song and we were like ‘this is what the album is going to sound like’. It’s really drum-heavy and I’ve written it in minor keys, which I’ve never done before. I’ve been writing music for ten years and it wasn’t until I was working with some other musicians a while back that I starting thinking about minor keys. It has never occurred to me before.”

The album marks the band’s longevity - they have been working as a professional bad since they started.

“We are very lucky. A lot of bands are ill-advised or they sign up to the wrong label so they don’t get the chance to write a second album but for us it’s brilliant to be writing our third.”

Slow Club are already rehearsing with their six-piece band for a slot on the main Devonshire Green stage at 5pm on Sunday July 21 as part of the Tramlines festival.