Mandela tribute at concert

Boy on a Dolphin will open their traditional Christmas City Hall concert on Sunday with their adaptation of the song, Malaika, as a tribute to the passing of Nelson Mandela.

The song appeared on their debut album, Words Inside, and has had continued airplay in South Africa ever since.

Malaika was used by the anti apartheid movement and particularly Miriam Makeba as a symbol of togetherness and love for their homeland.

Boy on a Dolphin toured the USA and Europe singing and explaining its significance along with their version of Sun City, a song urging artistes not to play the South African gambling and entertainment resort which had been built on land where thousands had been forcibly moved from their homes.

Boy on a Dolphin front man John Reilly said: “It will be our tribute to a man with a vision of equality and peace.

“Back home no one knew how much it hurt our commercial kudos in the USA with our label and some of our audience, highlighting the struggle the only way we could through music, but it is something I am very proud of.”