Mechanics gear up for City Hall trip

Mike and the Mechanics
Mike and the Mechanics

FAMOUS for the tear-jerker ballad The Living Years and feel-good anthem Over My Shoulder, Mike and the Mechanics were one of the most popular acts of the 1980s.

Featuring South Yorkshire’s Paul Carrack, the group had a stream of chart hits, including The Living Years, which reached number one in the US charts.

The song, written by band founder and former Genesis member Mike Rutherford and B A Robertson, was about tensions between Rutherford and his father. It hit a note with audiences across the globe, making Paul Carrack’s voice instantly recognisable in the pop world.

Mike and the Mechanics’ albums were usually released between those of Genesis but in 1998 Genesis disbanded. But this didn’t affect Mike and the Mechanics.

One year later they released their fifth studio album, strangely entitled Mike and the Mechanics, despite it not being the band’s debut. Since their formation in 1984, and even throughout their hiatus in the 2000s, Mike and the Mechanics are still regarded as one of the most successful pop rock acts in the UK of the last two decades.

This week, the band comes to Sheffield after a six-year hiatus and with a new line-up, featuring Rutherford and Canadian-born singer and actor Tim Howar. Howar founded Vantramp, which supported Rod Stewart and Paulo Nutini on recent tours. The tour is in support of their latest album, The Road, which came out in April this year.

Mike and the Mechanics play at Sheffield City Hall on Saturday.