Mind your language

Everly Pregnant Brothers
Everly Pregnant Brothers

NEVER the most conventional of bands, Sheffield’s own Everly Pregnant Brothers are once again pushing back the musical boundaries.

Second album Exile on West Street was launched with a party at The Harley and this one comes with a bit of a twist.

Aware that some of their earthier lyrics might make it difficult for fans to listen with small children, they’ve released two versions.

One is the full-strength album, complete with Parental Advisory warning; the other is tagged Clean Version, a sort of EPB Lite.

Band member Pete McKee said: “Essentially we are a live pub band and we just cut loose when we’re performing. But a couple of the lads pointed out that a lot of our fans might want to listen to the album at home, or when the kids are in the car, so we decided to offer an alternative option.’’

As you’d expect from what is almost certainly the world’s only ukelele covers outfit, they haven’t gone for a standard bleep to mask the offending words. The substitute sounds range from klaxons to cymbals; whistles to whoopee cushions.

“To be honest, a few words crept through,’’ admits Pete. “We’ve got all the serious ones and if we had done them all, it would have been pretty much a sound effects album. I personally think the clean version is just as funny as the other one because of the noises on there.’’

So how do they expect the two versions to sell? “If the Harley night is any guide, we’ll do about 99 with the swearing to every clean one, but you never know.’’

Exile on West Street is a follow-up to last year’s Sheffield Calling and is a salute to West Street’s legendary music venues The Limit and The Hallamshire, as well as the close proximity to the Henderson’s Relish factory.

It was recorded at Sheffield’s G2 studios and Pete said: “We’re a lot tighter as a band now and a lot more confident.

“When we did the first one we just recorded 22 songs and a few of them were a bit ropey.

“It also took about 88 takes because we kept forgetting stuff.

“This time was just one of those days. We all started with a full English breakfast, recorded the 16 tracks live in less than three hours and then had a few drinks. It doesn’t get much better than that.’’

The Brothers - vocalist Shaun Doane, Pete’s son Charley, Klive Humberstone, Richard Bailey, Toby Foster and Ginger Dave (Williamson) complete the line-up - will be playing at this summer’s Tramlines festival in Sheffield before heading to Ireland for another festival booking.

If you can’t wait that long to hear tracks including No Oven No Pie, Careless Driver, Hendos and Hole in the Road, Exile on West Street is available for £10 (for either version) from the Sheffield Music Shop on Ecclesall Road, A Month of Sundays on Sharrow Vale Road, or from www.everlypregnantbrothers.co.uk