Music matters, not tight jeans

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The Janskys aren’t work-shy.

Despite the fact this alt-rock act are all full-time workers with busy lives, they always make time for their music. But they’re modset about it.

Too modest, in fact. The Janskys describe themselves as ‘a four-piece from Sheffield who are all entering that stage in life where making great music means more than looking good in tight jeans.’

But the band’s modesty belies their craft and nowhere is this more evident than the band’s latest release, When Silence Speaks. The lush record was recorded over a two-year period with producer Colin Bradley, the producer whose CV name-checks the likes of Babybird, Bark Psychosis, Dual and John Peel favourite, Splintered.

Starting out gigging the sticky-floored pubs and clubs of South Yorkshire, paying their dues the traditional way, more recently they’ve played Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival and supported Pete Williams, when he toured his debut album See.

As we speak, the band is enjoying preparing this carefully-crafted collection of tracks for a live show. And, after two years in the making, the repertoire is well worth a watch.

The Janskys launch their album this Friday July 12 at the Shakespeare, Gibraltar Street.