Nothing Dodgy about a rock’n’roll lifestyle


Indie veterans Dodgy are rolling back the years as they head out on the road again – and drummer Math Priest admits he is having the time of his life.

The band – Math, frontman Nigel Clark and guitarist Andy Miller – enjoyed huge success in the 1990s with a string of hits, including top 20 smashes Good Enough, In a Room and Found You in the mid to late Nineties.

However, the inevitable pressures of being in a band took their toll and Clark left in 1998, although the group continued in a different form for a short while.

But now they are all friends again and, according to Mathew, having the time of their lives.

“It’s so different now,” says the 44-year-old. “We have completely evolved, but we’re one of the only bands around from that era that have all the original line-up

“We couldn’t get along for about 10 years. We came to a point where it all got a bit crazy. Some relationships were a big fractious.

“But we have peace now, We got back together and we haven’t stopped.”

The band reformed in 2007 – and have been busy on the road and in the studio with a string of live albums, singles, a studio album and dozens and dozens of gigs ever since – as well as a new album due later this year.

And, Math says, as well as the band having a ‘whole new feel’, the music industry has hugely changed as well.

“It’s a lot easier to be closer to our fans, with the internet and facebook, which we didn’t have in the 90s,” he says. “It’s a whole different relationship we have with the fans. It’s a lot more open.

“You can’t be a rock star behind a wall and just release music every now and then. There’s a lot more interaction going on, which I love.”

And, for Math and Nigel at least, rock’n’roll on its own no longer pays the bills.

“Me and Nigel do similar things,” he says. “I teach maths to children with emotional and behavioural problems and he teaches music to troubled children.

“It’s the new model – you can’t expect rock’n’roll to support you.

“It’s actually really good for us. Our days off are now sacred and we get so much more into our days.”

n Dodgy will play Plug, Sheffield city centre, on Friday, April 3. For tickets, priced £6, see