Rasp put three into two

Rasp is a new project based around two loop-based musicians, London cellist Jo Quail and Sheffield violinist/vocalist Matt Howden (Sieben), creating wild, bold, and chillingly beautiful music.

Add to that the artwork of acclaimed Sheffield artist Martin Bedford, and the industry and management of Alan Pride, and you have a unique collective of talent.

Next week this collective, under the name Rasp, will be undertaking Write > Perform > Record > in which they will conceive, perform and record their first album in two days, all in front of a live audience.

It will start next Thursday afternoon at Red Tape Central when Rasp write and compile an album in two hours, for a live and web-stream audience.

In the evening from 7.45pm there will be a live concert at the Lantern Theatre featuring Jo Quail and Sieben, followed by the first ever live performance of Rasp, with the music made that afternoon.

On Friday night at Club 60 recording studio the first Rasp album will be recorded to 2” analogue tape before a select live audience in an atmospheric location.