Review: Lucy Spraggan at Sheffield O2 Academy

Lucy Spraggan performing at Sheffield's O2 Academy. Photo: Glenn Ashley.
Lucy Spraggan performing at Sheffield's O2 Academy. Photo: Glenn Ashley.

Lucy Spraggan can finally put the X Factor behind her after this homecoming proved she’s more than a Saturday night wannabe.

She’s the real deal, writes Graham Walker.

Her story-telling is charismatic and compelling, as she flirts between acoustic, folk and hip-hop, in a style that’s all her own.

Quirky, free-spirited and intelligent, her tunes are honest and down-to-earth - in fact she gives Sheffield’s other great lyricist, Alex Turner, a good run for his money.

Lucy, with her breezy guitar riffs - accompanied on this UK tour with a tight four-piece band - writes and sings about relationships, social issues, travel and everything that makes the world tick.

She also engages well with the crowd, who don’t take much persuading to sing back at her the words that she was writing just a year ago up the road in the kitchen of her then home in Stannington.

Suddenly fans are up on shoulders, swaying and throwing out heart hand-signals to the girl we all love, as though the room has been transported to a field near Pilton.

Live stand out tracks from her major-label debut album, Join The Club, include the emotion-fuelled Tea and Toast, the ridiculously infectious Paper Dreams, urban hip-hop warning You’re Too Young, first post-X Factor single, Lighthouse and yes, everyone’s favourite, Last Night (Beer Fear).

Wit, charm and humility, Lucy has the lot. She also has a diverse room full of fans, from young kids, to teenagers, their mums and dads and even some golden oldies at the back of the room. Who doesn’t like our Lucy?

Well, it would appear BBC Radio 1 and 2 have some reservations. But, while they insanely continue to refuse to play her songs, based on this outing Lucy can be certain of a growing line of people, all shapes, ages and sizes, queuing up to Join The Club.

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