Sally delivers a global combination

Sally Doherty
Sally Doherty

PREGNANCY is not known for its musical qualities.

But in the ninth month of jazz singer Sally Doherty’s term, it wasn’t a case of staying at home and resting - the Sheffield jazz artist was straight into the studio.

“My voice had changed and I wanted to record it,” she explains. “I couldn’t breathe very well but I was really relaxed.”

The result of these unconventional studio sessions is Silent Spaces, a Latin / Cuban and jazz-infused album by Doherty and pianist Paul Kilvington. The album is a mixed affair of self-penned numbers, such as Milk and Honey and Summer Birds, in addition to jazz standards and Latin-based jazz songs.

“It’s a real combination - there are Brazilian songs, Peruvian songs, jazz standards and a Spanish folk song on there,” says Doherty, whose first release was in 1996. “Usually it’s me that instigates a new project but this album was really a joint effort in which we weren’t recording under pressure. We’ve recorded a lot of albums but this one’s special because I had my son inside me at the time.”

The album is available from Doherty’s website,

Sally Doherty and Paul Kilvington perform at the Greystones on July 15.