Sheffield Vera Lynn tribute meets her idol

Lorrie Brown, from Owlthorpe meets Dame Vera Lynn
Lorrie Brown, from Owlthorpe meets Dame Vera Lynn

A tribute artist from Sheffield has met the woman she has spent the last 20 years imitating.

Lorrie Brown, from Owlthorpe, presented Dame Vera Lynn with messages from South Yorkshire residents during their first ever meeting.

The 51-year-old collected the messages for the Forces Sweetheart after being inspired by care homes residents.

The visit was organised after Dame Vera, aged 98, sent a letter to Lorrie praising her for keeping her music alive.

Residents in the care homes Lorrie performs in asked her to pass on messages to Dame Vera after she told them about their meeting.

The Sheffield singer also collected messages from people at Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall, which she put into a book and also recorded video messages.

Lorrie said Dame Vera was over the moon to receive the book.

She said: “We made an impromptu recording of her saying thank you to all the people who wrote and said how she was so happy to be able to go out and entertain the boys.

“We got 150 messages from people in Sheffield and surrounding area, from residential homes and from the day we stood in Crystal Peaks.

“There were some really touching messages, some from soldiers who actually saw her sing to them on the front line.”

Dame Vera said: “I’d like to thank you all, for those wonderful messages that I’ve received.

“It brought back so many memories of my time out there when I was out there entertaining the boys.

“It was a part of my life that I will never ever forget and it is well and truly stored in my memories of the war years.

“It was a wonderful experience and I was really very touched by the enthusiasm and the reception that I got when I was out there and I do hope that in my small way I took a little bit of home to you.”

Lorrie has been a Vera Lynn tribute act for 20 years after getting into the business by accident when she started performing in residential homes – and would often be asked to perform Vera Lynn songs such as We’ll Meet Again.

She continues to perform across the country and was honoured at the 2013 National Tribute Awards.