Sheftival: ‘Ey up Sheffield it’s the Noisettes - LISTEN TO CHAT

The Noisettes: Dan Smith and Shingai Shoniwa. Photo: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire
The Noisettes: Dan Smith and Shingai Shoniwa. Photo: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

‘EY up Sheffield – that’s how the Noisettes star Shingai Shoniwa plans to say hello when the band party at Sheftival, writes Graham Walker.

The fun-loving lead singer, who will take the spotlight with guitarist Dan Smith, says she is perfecting the accent which has melted her heart.

“I’m the queen of accents and I love the Yorkshire accent, but I’m not very good at it. I’m going to be listening and learning. And I’m perfecting how to say ‘Ey up Sheffield’,’’ laughed London- based Shingai, giving it her best try.

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The Noisettes will be making lots of other noise – not least belting out greatest hits and new material when they take the spotlight on the Real Radio stage on Saturday, August 4, at 9pm.

They are going for Olympic gold in 2012 with their new single, Winner, which looks set to become a people’s anthem during a momentous year for Sheffield and across the UK.

“We’ll be treating Sheffield to the hits, like Don’t Upset The Rhythm, but also our new material, including ballads and big pop anthems.

“Winner is topical. People have the winning feeling in their hearts and are getting behind our athletes.”

Shingai admits she is inspired by Sheffield’s golden girl Jessica Ennis.

“I’m quite sporty. I do a bit of swimming and stretching whenever I can. It helps me do a good show and have the stamina. I’m definitely inspired by people like Jessica Ennis.”

The Noisettes, an indie rock band, have been described by one national newspaper as ‘the best live band in Britain’.

Shoniwa said: “No pressure, Sheftival!

“But yes, we always go that extra mile to give the crowd a night they’ll never forget.

“I’m going to give it everything I’ve got until the wheels come off.

“The great thing about playing a new festival is you were there to christen it.

“Sheffield is dynamic. We always get people dancing. Hopefully it will be like old times.”#

New single That Girl is out on Monday, August 13 and album, Contact, is out August 27th.

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