Unadulterated rock is simply spitting

Girl Spit, Doncaster punk band
Girl Spit, Doncaster punk band

GOOGLE ‘Girl Spit’ and be prepared for thousands of clips of girls spitting on road surfaces across the world. Google ‘Girl Spit band’ and you’ll encounter South Yorkshire’s grittiest, grimiest rockers.

Indeed, Girl Spit’s moniker sums up this punk outfit before the band even hit the stage: straight up, pretty shocking but equally unforgettable.

“We were trying to think of terrible band names for ourselves so we got really drunk and thought of lots of horrible ones,” says frontman Rob Green, whose songwriting is equally up front.

“I come up with three chords and Thom – our guitarist – makes them sound pretty.”

The band are from Hexthorpe, Doncaster. “It’s dreadful,” says Rob. “But at least this band gets us out every now and again.” When they do get out of Hexthorpe and hit the stage, the crowd definitely knows about it – Girl Spit are reputed to be something of an untamed live spectacle.

“I’m a right boring bastard the rest of the time but once or twice a month I get out and let loose. I’m normally stamp collecting or train spotting,” he muses.

Such is the appeal of Girl Spit’s unadulterated rock that Chicago punk rockers The Dwarves, also known for their wild punk ethos, invited Girl Spit to support them on their European tour this winter.

The Dwarves hit the headlines in 1993 after issuing a press release in which it was claimed their guitarist, HeWhoCannotBeNamed, was stabbed to death in Philadelphia. It was a hoax. But it was a hoax their label, Sub Pop, didn’t find very funny, dropping The Dwarves in the aftermath.

In preparation for The Dwarves support tour, Girl Spit play at The Cremorne, London Road, tomorrow, Friday.