VIDEO: Daughters Of Davis Sheffield DVD launch

Musical sisters Fern and Adrienne Davis gave up home comforts two-years ago to film their life on the road - with a DVD launched in Sheffield, writes Graham Walker.

Where Do We Go, Music, Mischief and Life in A Camper Van is the end result from the siblings, better know as Daughters Of Davis.

Daughters Of Davis

Daughters Of Davis

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The girls performed at the launch of the DVD at The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield - the city where they’ve also recorded their album, To The Water.

But they didn’t arrive in Sheffield in their famed camper van. It’s just failed it’s MOT and been sent to the scrap yard.

“It was very emotional saying goodbye but we had no choice,” said Fern.

Daughters Of Davis

Daughters Of Davis

Adrienne added: “We’re now looking for a new camper van - and if anyone out there wants to donate one. Please get in touch.”

Live acoustic sets at the DVD launch included support from local band, The Gentlemen.

The DVD sets out to share their story, taking an honest, emotional and frequently very funny look at the highs and lows of life as a touring musician.

The heart of the documentary is in the footage taken by the Daughters of Davis themselves. It’s a disarmingly frank window into the band.

DVD: Where Do We Go.

DVD: Where Do We Go.

Fans see them performing, meeting new people, agonising over their budget and panicking about spiders along the way. There’s an immediacy to this unscripted, camcorder footage that really sucks the viewer in - though this is not to say that Where Do We Go is a low-budget affair.

Indeed, it’s a very professional package, well edited and with some great graphics.

An Indiana Jones-style red line traverses the map of the UK between chapters, and various silent movie title cards punctuate the more lighthearted moments along the way. The package also features five music videos, including one exclusive to this package: as with the documentary, these are beautifully filmed and of course, they feature the fantastic music of the duo.

Talking about everything from culinary experimentation to the loneliness of travelling, their honesty really lifts the DVD from a simple documentary to an intimate and human portrait of life on the road.

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