VIDEO: Sheffield rare music fans brave cold on Record Store Day

Hundreds of Sheffield music fans braved the unseasonal April chill to get their hands on some rare releases as part of Record Store Day 2014 on Saturday.

The nationwide event, now in its seventh year in the UK, was established to celebrate and promote independant record shops, most of which have felt the adverse effects of digital downloads and the selling of music by large retailers and supermarkets.

One of Sheffield’s focal points on the day was Record Collector on Broomhill, where enthusiasts queued through the night to grab exclusives from the likes of Oasis, Damon Albarn, Paul Weller, Dead Kennedys, Haim, Coldplay and dozens more, including, perhaps surprisingly, teen idols One Direction - not natural bedfellows of the record collecting community.

Barry Everard, owner of Record Collector, which has been running since 1978, saluted the dedication of Sheffield’s record-buying public.

He said: “I got down on Saturday morning at 7.30 and the queue was doing it’s usual thing; snaking down the road, past The York and down Glossop Road, as it always is on Record Store Day. The only difference this year was that it was very cold, so instead of handing out cold drinks as we normally do, we were providing teas and coffee.”

At a time when digital sales are growing dramatically, Barry hopes that the campaign helps to encourage people to remain in touch with physical music and feels the buzz around the day shows that there remains a market for the more traditional ways of listening to your favourite artists.

“That’s what’s touching and encouraging about it - you can only get these releases today, the third Saturday in April, from physical record shops on the High Street,” he said.

“They are not available on the internet. For people who are from a generation of instant gratification, where you can get what you want when you want it, from your armchairs, at a click, to have to queue here from midnight as some of them did and maybe spend 12 hours in a queue to get something you’re really looking forward to, hopefully that’s going to evoke that same sort of feeling that a lot of us used to have when we were younger of getting hold of something that you will cherish forever and with a very strong risk that you might not get it.”

As part of the day a number of bands entertained the crowds, with Sheffield comedy-musos The Everly Pregnant Brothers kicking things off while there were also performances from Wild Sons of Gentlemen, Elephants and Castles and Doncaster folk duo Rita Payne.