VIDEO: Sheffield’s Lucy Spraggan plans X-mas factor

Doesn’t feel like Christmas? It soon will do thanks to Sheffield singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan who has penned a new festive song, writes Graham Walker.

And in an exclusive chat she revealed she’s planning to call it Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas.

Lucy Spraggan performing at the O2 Academy in Sheffield

Lucy Spraggan performing at the O2 Academy in Sheffield

Lucy, aged 22, was speaking backstage after she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the reaction of hundreds of fans at her homecoming show at Sheffield’s O2 Academy.

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She’s writing a follow-up album to her latest top 10 release, Join The Club, with hopes of another tour and the possibility of international dates.

First she’s got a 19-date tour to complete and then she’s off to spend New Year in Las Vegas, watching Britney Spears.

“I’ve written a Christmas song, so hopefully we can put that on the B-side of the next single. It’s a new song. I don’t know what I’m going to call it yet. I think it might be called Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas,” said Lucy.

“You’ve got an exclusive there! I only wrote it yesterday.”

She said of her Sheffield O2 gig: “It was amazing. It’s the type of venue you never think you are going to play or the audience aren’t going to be as good as that. It’s incredible.

“Having your lyrics sung back to you, which I wrote in my kitchen in Sheffield, is also one of the crazier parts of it. It’s one of those things when you can’t get your head around it.

“You look around while you’re playing and sometimes you just have to look away, because it’s so overwhelming.

“It’s bizarre how much your life can change in such a little time.”

She vented her frustration on stage about not having her album played on Radio 1 or 2. But it still got to number seven.

She told The Star: “It’s one of those things and hopefully something I can earn. We still got to number seven. That’s thanks to everybody at home. I just made the album.”

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