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Idiot’s tale of sound and fury

The explosive rock musical American Idiot has been revived to mark both the show’s 10th anniversary and 15 years since the rellease of Green Day’s  Grammy winning album on which it is based.

Chris  plays the Park Hill story by the book

In telling the story of Park Hill through the musical, Standing at the Sky’s Edge,  about to open at the Crucible Theatre,  the writer Chris Bush is all too aware: “There’s a huge feeling of responsibility to get it right and present a fair portrait.  People will know if we get it wrong. 

Folk opera champions pioneer of union rights 

After last year’s play about  the Grunwick strike in the Seventies, We Are The Lions Mr Manager, Townsend Theatre Productions return to the Lantern Theatre next week with another show about female industrial protest,  Rouse, Ye Women: Mary Macarthur and the Women Chainmakers, a folk opera by Neil Gore and John Kirkpatrick.
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