Charlie’s back by popular demand

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Charlie Chaplin is to return to Sheffield next month as Sheffield University Concerts in partnership with Museums Sheffield announce the new screening date for Chaplin in the Park on Wednesday, September 10, at 8.30pm.  

Chaplin in the Park will project three of his most famous films onto the side of Sheffield’s Weston Park Museum in a free event for the people of the city.   

It was due to take place in May as part of the Charlie Chaplin Festival at the University of Sheffield. Due to adverse weather the screening had to be cancelled. However an overwhelming online response and strong support from audiences have seen promoters set a new date.  

In 1959 Chaplin revisited past triumphs. He selected some of his foremost and funniest early films and composed and added new music to them. In A Dog’s Life the Tramp adopts a dog companion to survive in the city. Mixing realism and fantasy, Shoulder Arms is a celebrated satire of combat and features Charlie as a boot camp private single-handedly winning World War I. The Pilgrim sees Charlie as an escaped convict who is hilariously mistaken for the new minister of a small Texas town.

The three films are combined to form a single feature length film The Chaplin Revue.

Charlie Chaplin physically was last seen in Sheffield in December 1904 when he performed as ‘Billy’ at the Lyceum Theatre in a production of Sherlock Holmes.

1Embark on a voyage to the outer limits of the universe with Gustav Holst’s astronomical tour-de-force The Planets performed by the Sheffield Rep. Orchestra.

In Sounds of the Cosmos at the Octagon on September 18, part of Festival of the Mind, Holst’s music will be combined with short talks about the cosmos illustrated by projections of interplanetary odysseys and visuals by Sheffield creative design agency Human.