Comedian who is never lost for words

Dave Spikey
Dave Spikey

Dave Spikey has been on his Words Don’t Come Easy tour around the UK for the past three years and shows no sign of stopping.

He’s back at the Memorial Hall tonight with his show packed with narratives gathered from his daily life, managing to put a hilarious twist on even the most mundane events.

“It’s not a long-time plan but people keep asking me back and the show has changed 50% since I was last here,” he says.

“Apart from anything else I need to keep it fresh for my sake.

Some comedians can work from the same script for years but it would bore me to tears. I’m someone who laughs at his own jokes.

“But people will know what to expect if they’ve seen my stuff,” he reckons. “I’m obsessed with newspaper headlines and song lyrics.”

The former bio medical scientist from Bolton is a committed vegetarian and animal lover and at the time of talking was preparing a show for London’s VegFest where he was presenting the VegfestUK 2013 Awards

The comedian and writer of such comedy gems as Phoenix Nights, Dead Man Weds and Magnolia has a script commission for a new comedy, Mad Jacks, for ITV, although having had a previous project, Glitterball about ballroom dancing in Blackpool, fall at the last hurdle even after it had been cast by the BBC, he’s not counting his chickens.