Maturer Susan is happy to lose the plot again

Steve Huison and Susan Cookson in Losing the Plot, written and directed by John Godber '''pic credit Mustard Seed Media
Steve Huison and Susan Cookson in Losing the Plot, written and directed by John Godber '''pic credit Mustard Seed Media

Former Casualty star Susan Cookson is making a return to the Edinburgh Festival in Losing the Plot, the two-hander by John Godber in which she toured earlier this year with The Full Monty’s Steve Huison.

“I was there three years in a row with Hull Truck and became quite familiar with it,” she recalls. “Then I had children and moved on. But I am really looking forward to going back although it will be very different experiencing it when a little more mature, shall we say,”

The roles of the husband and wife in Losing the Plot were written especially for the two actors. It is about an art teacher who walked out on his job, his wife and his teenage children and travelled around Europe for three months to write a much promised novel and live the life of an artist,.

But he has returned with no novel, no money and no explanation to face the wife who was left to pick up the pieces.

The production from the Theatre Royal, Wakefield, toured the UK between February and May and the prospect of taking it to Edinburgh emerged soon after they began rehearsals under the direction of John Godber in January.

“They wanted a name piece to play other shows around it and Steve and I both jumped at the chance,” explains the Sheffield-based actor who appeared in three series of BBC One’s Casualty, playing Dr Maggie Coldwell.

“It has been slightly condensed which in some ways makes it cleaner and stronger and gets to the nub of the thing,” she says, although she admits that made it a bit harder for the actors to pick up the threads of the play they last performed in May.

In the meantime Cookson was in the cast of John Godber’s new play, Jack Steele and Family, at the Crucible.

“I really loved it and the audience did too with people standing up every night. It was so good to work with the students who got so much out of it.”

A three-week run of Losing Losing the Plot begins today at New Town Theatre and continues to August 25.

“We perform every day but it’s at 4.15 so that will give us the opportunity to get out and see other things and the family will come up for a bit,” reflects the actor.