Rave-on as live techno takes centre stage

Kieran Hurley performs BEATS
Kieran Hurley performs BEATS

An award-winning drama with live techno music and on-stage visuals tours to the Crucible Studio next week.

Following a sell-out run at the Traverse Theatre during last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Kieran Hurley’s exhiliaratiing show has headed south for a two-week run at London’s Soho Theatre and nationwide tour.

BEATS tells the story of Johnno McCreadie, a teenager living in a small suburban Scottish town at the time of the 1994 Criminal Justice Act - a new piece of legislation which effectively outlawed raves, or “public gatherings around amplified music wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.”

The story focuses on the events that lead up to, and the subsequent fall-out from, Johnno’s attendance of an illegal rave which is shut down in the early hours by riot police. Hurley’s performance, a single monologue seamlessly narrated by several wildly differing characters, is supported by a thumping mid-90s rave soundtrack.

It is written and performed by Kieran Hurley with live DJ Alan Miller aka DJ Hushpuppy (original mix by Johnny Whoop) and live visuals provided by Jamie Wardrop.

Hurley is one of Scotland’s brightest young theatre talents and is currently on a year-long attachment with the National Theatre of Scotland as recipient of the Pearson Playwrights’ Scheme bursary.

Beats, voted Best New Play at Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) 2012, Arches Platform 18 Award 2012 and nominee as Best Newcomer at The Stage Edinburgh Awards 2012, is at the Crucible Studio on Wednesday.