Review: Jack Dee at The Lyceum, Sheffield

Comedy star: Jack Dee.
Comedy star: Jack Dee.

JACK Dee begins tonight with a joke about Jimmy Savile - “who knew?” he asks, laconically, writes Colin Drury.

He ends, musical encore aside, with a riff about the pains of being a parent. “Teenagers are mentally ill,” he declares.

Safe to say, he may have been a comic some 26 years but success, sell out tours and sitcoms on prime time TV have done nothing to dampen his famed misanthropy.

Tonight, falling within his surly sights is everything from workmen to supermarket shopping, growing old (“I’m going to make sure it’s a chore to visit me, not a pleasure”) to his own family.

“I came on tour so I could spend less time with them,” he notes.

Yet Dee’s is, paradoxically, a philanthropic misanthropy. He may be a grump but he’s a gentle one; there is a feeling he sees the best in people.

Tonight, he tells his audience he always buys a local paper wherever he goes on tour, which means he may be reading this.

In which case: cheers Jack, thoroughly enjoyable show.