Seann the sheepish

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At the age of 29, comedian Seann Walsh takes stock of his life in his latest show which he brings to the Leadmill next week.

Its title is in fact 28 which was his age when he first performed it but he insists choosing to call it that was more taking the opportunity to parody Adele’s numbered album covers.

His previous tour was called The Lie-In King and his act was built around his laddish life of partying and hangovers.

“I was going out a lot more back then but I don’t any more,” he claims. “As I have moved in with my girlfriend (actress Rebecca Humphries) I have stopped going out so much. The show is about this and staying in and watching Netflix which is what you do when you’re 28 or 29.”

Walsh hit the headlines when he arrived by train in Hereford when he was booked to do a gig in Hertford. It seemed to fit his image of a chaotic lifestyle and surely boosted his profile.

“It helped sell tickets when I eventually did the Hertford gig,” is all he will concede . “I didn’t at the time realise it was funny. I was so scared about calling up my agent and telling him I wouldn’t be turning up in Hertford.”

Walsh grew up in Brighton and apparently was inspired to get into comedy thanks to watching Jim Carey movies

He began doing stand up in pubs in 2006, as well as pulling pints, and won his first award, Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year in 2009

Since last year he has been a team captain on Virtually Famous, the E4 panel show based on social media superstars internet memes, videos and tweets. Last Saturday he was seen on new ITV primetime quiz show, “Play to the Whistle.”

“I’m scorekeeper and do commentary for some of the rounds. It’s hosted by Holly Willoughby and Frank Lampard and Bradley Walsh are team captains and we’ve had Peter Crouch, Romash Ranganathan and Jimmy Bullard on . It’s just a fun Saturday night show,”says the long-suffering QPR fan.

After 28 he plans to take a break from touring. “I will be writing a lot more,” he explains “The work I produce is what I care about the most and I want to spend more time on it.

“I have never had the chance to stop with five Edinburgh shows in a row and then touring after that. I have written them in a month because that’s all the time I’ve had. Once I’m touring I can’t write so I want to give myself more time to create the best show I can.

“Also it will be nice not to be eating a Ginster pie at four in the morning. You get to the point where the most exciting thing that happen to you is to find a Macdonalds open at 3am.”

1The Leadmill Comedy Club will feature a gala night as part of the venue’s 35th birthday celebrations on May 20. The line-up will be headlined by Mark Watson, Red Nose Day comedy marathon survivor, novelist and host of the BBC’s We Need Answers. Support comes from Gary Delaney and Steve Bugeja with local luminary Rob Rouse compere.