Thea won’t be a secret for much longer

Thea Gilmore
Thea Gilmore

She may still be music’s greatest secret, but not for long

This week, folk-tinged singer songwriter Thea Gilmore plays at the City Hall in support of her latest album, Regardless.

The title’s an apt one - for years Gilmore has toiled as a musician, regardless of hardship.

But it was a hardship of choice.

Gilmore has turned down several major labels in order to maintain her independence and integrity as an artist.

“It’s very difficult going your own way but it would also be very difficult for me if I had to conform. I don’t like being told what to do. If I think something’s right I’ll do it. Being independent and staying small is a difficult path as I don’t have financial assistance but that’s okay. There are people out there though who just want the money and they are more common than you’d think.”

rEGARis a lush collection of tracks led by orchestral arrangements.

Live Thea performs the album with strings and without, though she says she prefers the more intimate, stripped-down performances when it’s predominantly her and her guitar.

Thea Gilmore plays at City Hall on Sunday, 7.30pm (£17.50)