Trip down Avenue Q to where it’s at in life

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What do you get when you cross a meaning of life story, with Sesame Street, the Muppets and some distinctly adult humour? The answer is musical comedy Avenue Q being performed this week at the Lantern Theatre by new amateur theatre company, Cutting Edge.

Set on Avenue Q on the south side of New York, the show follows new graduate Princeton as he works out exactly what is his purpose in life.  Supported by a band of humans, monsters and puppets, Princeton takes a comedic journey through the real issues in modern life - employment, love, politics and exactly why the internet was invented.

Avenue Q is the first performance project of Cutting Edge formed by director Sal Foster-Major and musical director Gavin Usher who said: “We wanted to make an impact with our first show so we chose Avenue Q for the visual spectacle of the puppets, the great music and the sheer comedy of the script .  Although it is most definitely aimed at adults, it is a real feel good show with a modern twist.  Whether you love or hate musicals, you cant help but enjoy this show”

Cast member and puppeteer Chris Hanlon, is in charge of one of the colourful cast of puppets that makes this particular show so unique. “There are only 11 of us in the cast and none of us have ever done anything like this before.”

Avenue Q is at the Lantern Theatre until Saturday.