VIDEO: Illusionists Trick Day 4 - Sleight Of Hand

The Illusionists star Jeff Hobson, aka The Trickster, makes coins vanish and re-appear in this amazing display of sleight of hand, writes Graham Walker.

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The Trickster Jeff Hobson stars in The Illusionists at Sheffield City Hall  on Sunday, October 6.

The Trickster Jeff Hobson stars in The Illusionists at Sheffield City Hall on Sunday, October 6.

Jeff, is one of seven of the world’s top magicians who star in the jaw-dropping show The Illusionists.

They are on a world tour and will appear before your very eyes with at Sheffield City Hall on Sunday, October 6, 7.30pm.


VIDEO: Day One, The Inventor: Disaapearing Coin trick - CLICK HERE.

VIDEO: Day Two, The Mentalist: Mind Reading - CLICK HERE.

VIDEO: Day Three, The Anti-Conjuror: Shock magic - thread from eye. Warning, this contains graphic content - CLICK HERE.

The Illusionists, described by creative director Simon Painter as the ‘Avengers of Magic’, each with their own comic book type super-hero image and show poster to match, also features The Enchantress Jinger Leigh, The Anti-Conjuror Dan Sperry, The Escapologist Andrew Basso, The Gentlemen Mark Kalin and The Escapologist, Andrew Basso.

Each is a master in their own field and, with the help of 20 assistants, they perform the spectacular tricks from their hugely impressive repertoires.

There are acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and for the first time ever in history, a full view water torture escape - recreating Harry Houdini’s death defying routine, but with no drapes, for 21st century audiences to witness the impossible, as the poster says. It lives up to the promise.

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FULL UK TOUR DATES: Bournemouth Windsor Hall, September 24, 8pm; Oxford New Theatre, September 25, 8pm; Blackpool Opera House, 27 September 27, 8pm; Edinburgh Festival Theatre, September 28, 6pm and 9pm, to 29, 4.30pm; Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, October 2 and 3, 8pm; Manchester Apollo, October 4, 9pm and 5, 8pm; Sheffield City Hall, October 6, 6pm and 9pm; Wolverhampton Civic Hall, October 8, 8pm; Plymouth Pavilions, October 9,8pm; Portsmouth Guildhall, October 10, 8pm; London Hammersmith Apollo, October 11, 9pm and 12, 1pm, 4.30pm and 8pm.

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