Walliams play kicks up a stink: Comedian David Walliams’ childrens’ book is adapted for Sheffield stage

Mr Stink
Mr Stink

CURRENTLY basking in the glory of national treasure after his epic swim down the Thames for charity, David Walliams will be kicking up a stink in Sheffield next week – though not in person.

The Lyceum Theatre is putting on a musical adaptation of Mr Stink, the best-selling children’s book by the, star of Little Britain and Come Fly with Me.

Mr Stink is breaking new ground by being the first ever interactive scratch ‘n’ sniff family show. Each audience member will be given a free scratch ‘n’ sniff booklet and throughout the performance the audience members will be encouraged by Mr Stink’s dog, The Duchess, to scratch the appropriate page and enjoy the delights of Raj’s sweetshop or recoil at the horrors of Mr Stink’s whiffiness!

The story is about a girl called Chloe who doesn’t like school very much. She feels she isn’t as cool as the other kids with no iPhone, no Nintendo DS and no friends. Then she meets Mr Stink – the local tramp. Yes, he smells a bit but he’s the only person who’s ever been nice to her, including her mother who wants to be the local MP and is trying to rid the streets of its homeless. About to lose her only friend, Chloe finds Mr Stink a secret hiding place…but is there more to him than meets the nose?

With live actors and ingenious puppetry Mr Stink is suitable for anyone aged six or over. It is at the Lyceum Theatre from Tuesday to Saturday.