Sheffield theatre company helping the community to grow by swapping seeds for stories

A Sheffield-based theatre company is swapping lockdown stories for seeds to immortalise the memory of lockdown and the importance of green spaces.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 12:23 pm
People will have the opportunity to plant their seeds in community gardens across Sheffield as part of the project.

Families, friends, and individuals are being invited to record a short story about connecting with nature over lockdown in exchange for a ‘mysterious package’.

The Bare Project, a Sheffield-based theatre company have come up with A Bit of Earth, a project that exchanges stories for a package containing seeds and a map to your very own ‘bit of earth’ locally to plant them in.

The short story you choose to share can be fact or fiction – you can write it down, read it out, or simply make it up as you go along. It could be about secret gardens you’ve explored, unexpected encounters with wildlife, daily walks that become bigger adventures, and how green spaces have helped you through Covid-19 lockdowns or led to new connections or friendships.

Sally Proctor, community producer with The Bare Project, said: “It is swapping stories for seeds, asking people to share their experiences of green spaces they have discovered during lockdown.

"What we think is nice is that everyone has found a connection with nature over the past year in a different way – younger people finding a space to meet friends, or families and households finding they can connect by being out and finding secret gardens and green spaces in local green areas.

“Even though the story is imagined, the places need to be real Sheffield places, and the first 150 households will be sent a mysterious package which will have everything in they need to find their way to a community garden where they can plant seeds and watch them grow.”

The company will also put on an online exhibition of all of the stories after September.

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