Take a peek inside Meadowhall’s new, free, drop-in ‘selfie studio’

When I first heard about Meadowhall’s new 'pop-up’ selfie studio – The Post Room – I wasn’t altogether sure I got it. But then I paid a visit with my four-year-old, and we spent 20 giggly, camera-clicking minutes in ‘selfie’ paradise.

Friday, 12th April 2019, 15:39 pm
Updated Friday, 12th April 2019, 15:44 pm
Imogen Farah at Meadowhall's new Post Room pop-up

I get it now. Call in, dive into the balls, run through the ribbons, pose on the unicorn. Have fun!

Pose in a tropical jungle of raining bananas. Just because.
Imogen loved making some shapes against the pop-up studio's walls
Splash through a sea of balls for the ultimate 'selfie'
Imogen Farah at Meadowhall's new Post Room pop-up
Taking a seat on a beautiful unicorn is every little girl's dream
Grab the luggage trolley and head for Platform 9-and-three-quarters
Pose like a fairy as you head for the exit