Welcome to the 29th annual fundraising Daffodil Ball - raising vital funds for Sheffield Children's Hospital

Welcome to the 29th fundraising Daffodil Ball

By Nigel Booth
Thursday, 23 May, 2019, 16:15
Meghan Metcalfe; Peter Hays; Audrey Hobson; Glynn Sherwon; Harvey Metcalfe; Margaret Phips; Michelle Phips; Gill Collins; Janet Sherwon; Zoe Metcalfe

Raising funds

Nigel and Sandra Worthington; Jean and David Fyfe
Stephen Fyfe; Ben Howard; Graham McLoughlin
Helena Stephenson; Robyn Howard; Leonora Salkeld
Andy Lee; Clare O'Connell, emergency medicine consultant, Sheffield Childrens' Hospital
Mark & Helen Stephenson; Richard Howard; Sean Bowler; Patricia Howard; Gemma Bowler; John Stephenson; Rachael Martin; Robyn Howard; Marcus Howard
David Robinson; Laura James
Tom Elliot; Misty Rowe-Elliot; Lauren and Tommy Pigg
David Vernon-Edwards
David Vernon-Edwards; Jean and David Fyfe; Tonya Kennedy; Paul Firth
Hannah Duraid; Alex Gardner
Enjoying the Daffodil Ball