Cinema: Beautiful landmark film

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The celebration of LGBT+ History Month kicks off this week at The Showroom.

This is a time to reflect on the rights of LGBT+ people around the world, celebrate milestones in the road to equality and revel in moments of landmark queer film.

Kicking off the season tonight is My Beautiful Laundrette, a modern British classic which hits home just as much now as it did on release more than 30 years ago.

Set in Thatcher-era Britain, this story of love against all odds broke new ground for British film-making and set the bar very high for decades to come.

The film represents a cultural turning point for LGBT representation and particularly for British-Asian LGBT characters.

Also, starting this week is the annual Japanese film season, which after more than 10 years touring to The Showroom provides a great chance for fans of East Asian cinema to come together and discover some new favourites.

Running throughout February and March, the season this year is entitled Odd Obsessions – Desire, Hopes and Impulses in Japanese Cinema and is bound to offer some surprises.

This week’s treats include the new anime film A Silent Voice, and modern crime drama Pale Moon.

Alice Lowe has been on our screens a lot in the last few years, notably with her brilliant performance in Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers.

In 2016 she appeared in Black Mountain Poets, Burn Burn Burn and Adult Life Skills, from Sheffield filmmaker Rachel Tunnard.

In her new film, Prevenge, Lowe takes centre stage behind and in front of the camera, marking her directorial debut in this tale of a homicidal pre-natal woman.

Pregnancy and birth have long been staples of the horror genre but this is a modern – day story, with the horrors of real-life blended into the nightmare of her murderous urges, featuring dashes of comedy along the way.

Alice Lowe herself will be joining us for a Q&A after a screening on Monday.

For the cine-adventurers and film-enthusiasts out there, Showroom’s monthly Film Discussion Group will be convening on Tuesday at 7.30pm to discuss some recent highlights.

It is always a fascinating debate and the range of opinions and interests keep the conversation flowing.

Up for discussion this month are February’s Film of the Month, Toni Erdmann plus La La Land, Lion, Manchester By The Sea and Jackie.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have seen them all.