Eclectic range of films

Way of the Morris, documentary by Tim Plester, Sensoria Festival, May 2 2011
Way of the Morris, documentary by Tim Plester, Sensoria Festival, May 2 2011

THIS year’s Sensoria festival of music and film has stepped up its programme to 10 days and for the first time is taking the event outdoors with its Screen on the Square.

It has also lined up an eclectic range of films many of which will take audiences on a journey around the world - and even beyond.

Egypt is the first port of call with Microphone, an exuberant film celebrating the underground art scene of Alexandria and the aspirations of its youth all desperate for change in their lives. Proving prophetic of the changes taking place in Egypt only six months after the production was shot, it is being screened at the Showroom Cinema on Saturday, April 30.

Appropriately on May Day Bank Holiday Monday comes Way of the Morris, a celebration of the English institution of Morris dancing. A favourite at SXSW in America this year, Tim Plester’s deeply personal documentary takes him on a journey from the barleyfields of his childhood to the killing fields of The Somme, in search of a connection with these much-maligned native dances that run deep in his bloodline.

Sound of Noise is a Swedish comedy which follows guerilla percussionists who terrorise a city with their anarchic public performances. A tone-deaf police officer embarks on a mission to silence the six drummers who play anywhere from a hospital operating room to heavy machinery and power lines to create their unforgettable sound. It’s at the Showroom on Wednesday, May 4.

Sensoria takes to the streets from May 4-7, with an outdoor screen on Tudor Square presenting themed daily programmes of films including hip hop and streetdance, plus musicals, live performance/concert films and Sheffield on Film.

There will be a cosmic event to mark the 50th anniversary of man’s first trip into space featuring a mixture of space films and live music from Skywatchers, The Third Half, Hoarse Verse and La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet). Curated by legendary producers I Monster, it is at The Greystones on May 1.

Upside Down charts the heady 15-year lifetime of Creation, the label that launched Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and, of course, Oasis, veering from one financial precipice to another.

Creation founder Alan McGee and Ride’s Mark Gardner who provided the soundtrack for the film will be coming to Sheffield for the screening on Friday, May 6, and a Q&A with the director, Danny O’Connor.

Additionally the festival has teamed up with Galvanize festival of metal design to present a double bill, Metal: A Headbangerʼs Journey and Anvil! The Story of Anvil.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed, a beautiful silhouette animation based on the tales of the Arabian Nights.

The film will be accompanied by a score from Animat collaborating with Abstract Film Orchestra, Sheffield’s own soundtracking supergroup. It will provide a suitable Sunday afternoon closer to a packed 10 days.