Fans give Cineworld Sheffield a licence to thrill - Bond set to break all records

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SKYFall, the latest James Bond movie, has left cinema bosses shaken and stirred after taking more than £72m at the UK box office.

It’s shaken off a quiet summer – partly blamed on film fans staying at home to watch the Olympics.

But Bond has stirred up the prospect of a strong close to the year.

That, in no small part, would be due to last week’s release Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, the final instalment of the vampire love saga, and forthcoming Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit.

The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-man, Men In Black III and Avengers Assemble all did their bit in the first part of the year.

Cineworld Sheffield is celebrating as one of the top five cinemas for admissions anywhere in the country and gets around 1.8 million people through the doors annually.

It’s had an unforgettable year already with the installation of the region’s only IMAX screen, a new Starbucks coffee shop in the foyer and other innovations which are to be announced soon.

Andy Meakin, Cineworld Sheffield operations manager, said: “The biggest film of the year so far has been Skyfall. No question. It’s breaking all the records. We’ve not seen anything like it here since the Harry Potter franchise.

“We had over 60,000 total admissions during the Bond opening week, with just over 40,000 of them coming to see Skyfall and 10,000 of them saw it in our IMAX theatre. It almost broke our all time record of 64,500 in a week, which was during one of the Potter releases. On a normal week we get around 25,000 people here.

“We’ve been open 14 years and saw increases over the first six years. It’s now a steady 1.8 million a year – but we get exceptional weeks thanks to films like Bond.”

“We’re always in the top five cinemas in the country and on big release weekends we are generally first or second place.”

Skyfall is the fifth biggest film of all time, overtaking big hitters including Mamma Mia!, all three entries in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the first two Harry Potter flicks.

It’s on course to become the biggest ever UK hit and could be the first film to crack £100m.

Cineworld numbers:

Annual number of admissions at Cineworld Sheffield - 1.8m

Record number of admissions in a week at Cineworld Sheffield - 64,500

Number of Jame Bond admissions during the first week of Skyfall at Cineworld Sheffield - 40,000