Masterly horror updated

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Brian De Palma’s 1976 classic horror had many memorable scenes, and most of them are replicated in the new Carrie (Cert 15) with one major exception.

It’s the story of a shy school outcast who is ridiculed and bullied because her deeply religious mother has ensured she stands out as different. Secretly, however, she discovers she posseses telekinetic powers which she unleashes to devastaing effect when she is spectacularly humiliated at the senior prom.

Kimberly Peirce’s new film seems a pretty faithful re-make - if not ‘the re-imagining’ the publicity calls it - until the bloody finale erupts and it goes into overdrive with action movie explosions and special effect illusions.

It also lacks the classic horror movie shocks that memory seems to suggest that Brian De Palma’s film delivered. Or maybe familiarity with the story has dimmed our capacity to be jolted from our seats.

Where the new film scores is in capturing the mob cruelty of Carrie’s peers in this age of social media and Julianne Moore makes a scarily demented religious nut as the controlling mother.

In the role of Carrie is KickAss’s Chloe Grace Moretz who is the right age for Carrie (Sissy Spacek was 26 when she played her in the original) but seems a little too assured and good looking to be believable as an outcast.

Still the bottom line is that a whole new generation is being introduced to Stephen King’s masterly story and that can’t be a bad thing.