The Dictator: Sacha Baron Cohen rules OK at Cineworld Sheffield - VIDEO

THE Dictator is set to rule at cinemas and Ali G star Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy character has already won the vote of Star readers at a Cineworld Sheffield preview screening, writes digital editor Graham Walker.

Cohen atones for the sins of Bruno with this gleefully irreverent fish-out-of-water comedy, which kicks sand in the eye of political correctness.

The Dictator: Sacha Baron Cohen's latest comedy character gets the big screen treatment.

The Dictator: Sacha Baron Cohen's latest comedy character gets the big screen treatment.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch our Dictator video report, including the movie treailer and film fan verdicts at Sheffield Cineworld.

The Dictator (Cert 15, 83 mins) leaves the audience in a perpetual state of discomfort, with no subject off limits – from the September 11 attacks, to rape, sexual equality and Judaism.

Larry Charles’s film tramples merrily over social taboos, hitting more targets than it misses as the despot runs amok in the capitalist playground of New York.

Like Borat and Bruno, Cohen is at the centre of the madness, relying on a script this time rather than inspired improvisation with the unsuspecting public. He’s almost too famous to get away with that any more.

He plays Admiral General Aladeen, tyrannical ruler of the African state of Wadiya, hiding the real Bin Laden in one of his opulent palace’s spare rooms – taking lavatorial humour to an all new level.

“You go to the bathroom after Osama, you will know the true meaning of terrorism,” he confides.

Andy Meakin, Cineworld Sheffield’s operation manager said: “It is very different to his Bruno and Borat characters, where he was disguised as them and caught people unawares. This is more scripted.

“But he still pushes those boundaries and treads over the lines that other comics daren’t go near. He does it in such a clever way to portray both sides of any debate and dispute. A fantastic bit of entertainment.

“There’s quite a few political statements being made throughout, in amongst all the crazy, dirty jokes.

“Now on sale, with tickets also for our IMAX theatre, we’ve got Men In Black III. Prometheus will be coming at the start of next month and in two months we’ve got The Amazing Spider-man coming. We’re hoping to have some big news on that in a few weeks.”

Here’s what film fans had to say about The Dictator:

University student Ross Langford, aged 21, of Sheffield, said: “It’s outstanding from start to finish and had me in fits of laughter right to the end, even through the credits.”

Faisal Khaliq, aged 21, of Rotherham: “I thought it was brilliant. If you want a laugh, come and watch it. It makes you laugh all the way through.”

Lynne Dixon, aged 39, of Sheffield, added: “The Dictator was absolutely awesome. There’s a great bit at the end – when he’s wiping his bum.”

* The Dictator (cert 15) is now on general release. For Cineworld Sheffield screening times visit