The Fall guy making a name as a psychopath

A lot can happen in 18 months - just ask Jamie Dornan.

Before May 2013, he was a jobbing actor with a number of decent roles behind him, and a probably lucrative sideline as a model.

Then, after the first episode of The Fall aired, he was suddenly a star. His performance as handsome psychopath Paul Spector had turned 
him into a major new face - he even managed to turn the spotlight away from Gillian Anderson, who had been touted as the show’s biggest draw before it aired, and that’s no mean feat.

For five weeks viewers were hooked on whether or not Anderson’s spiky, no-nonsense detective Stella Gibson would bring Spector to justice; many felt the open-ended final episode was a let down, and that ends should have been neatly tied up. Perhaps they will be during this second series, which began last week.

But, of course, The Fall isn’t the only reason that Dornan has been hitting the headlines lately – he’s also starring in the eagerly awaited big-screen adaptation of best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Many of his fans are already getting hot under the collar at the mere thought of Dornan disrobed – although he recently scotched rumours that he would be going full frontal.

For now, though, he’s fully focused on playing Spector, and seems to enjoy being back in his native Northern Ireland for filming.

“I’m delighted to be back in the second series of The Fall,” he says. “Writer Allan Cubitt has outdone himself, and the scripts are stunning.”

If last week’s opening edition is anything to go by, that’s certainly true. It picked up just 10 days after the events of the previous series, which ended with Spector heading off with his family for a supposedly new life.

He knew the net was closing in on him, and tried to explain away his absences and odd behaviour to his wife by claiming he’d been having an affair – and you know you’re in trouble if claiming to be an adulterer is preferable to telling the truth!

Now Spector is back in Belfast attempting to cover his tracks. He drives his ex-girlfriend Rose Stagg away from her home in the middle of the night, and when he reveals he knows she has spoken to the police, it seems her fate has been sealed...

Gibson also realises – possibly too late – that she may have put Rose in grave danger. Can she find her, and perhaps Spector too, before he carries out his latest killing?

Producer Gub Neal says: “To be continuing with everything that distinguished Allan Cubitt’s first season of The Fall, and made it truly genre breaking, is a true delight.

“The excavations into character, and the dark heart of a serial killer, in a such a truthful way has been made possible only through the depth of Al’s writing, the outstanding quality of the central performances and of course the unique patina of Belfast City.”