VIDEO: Identity Thief (cert 15) - review and trailer

IDENTITY theft affects an estimated 1.8 million people in the UK every year, leading to months of worry and stress.

It’s hardly a laughing matter.

Identity Thief (cert 15).

Identity Thief (cert 15).

Nor is Seth Gordon’s brash comedy, a smash hit on the other side of the Atlantic, which pits a kind-hearted family man (Jason Bateman) against the feisty con woman (Bridesmaids scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy) who has pilfered his personal details.

Identity Thief relies heavily on the razor-sharp comic timing of the two leads, casting Bateman as the beleaguered straight man to McCarthy’s whirlwind extrovert.

Sandy Bigelow Patterson (Bateman) is a mild-mannered accounts clerk who lives in Denver with his wife Trish (Amanda Peet) and their two young daughters, Franny (Mary-Charles Jones) and Jessie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones).

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Our rating: 6/10.

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