VIDEO: Michael Parkinson cancer courage praised

South Yorkshire’s chat show king Sir Michael Parkinson has been praised for discussing he has prostate cancer - urging other men to be aware of the symptoms, writes Graham Walker.

The Barnsley-born TV star, aged 78, has just begun radiotherapy and is expected to make a full recovery after spotting the condition early.

Sir Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael Parkinson

He said ‘mortality is on the mind’ he is not afraid.

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“I have been told to expect to make a full recovery, and that is the goal,” he said.

Parky, who was born in Cudworth and educated at Barnsley Grammar School, added: “I don’t feel ill. And I will keep working. I have no intention of stopping working.”

Urging other men to face up to cancer he said: “On a Friday night, in the pub, you’ll find yourself in a urinal. So try to hit the wall from two feet away. If you can’t, go to the doctor. There may be no pain or discomfort. There may be no symptoms. But get checked immediately.

“All that concerns me now is for men around the country to stop and take notice of any symptoms that might save their lives.

“If you show the symptoms of this dreadful disease, get help. It will save lives.”