Weekend wallowing in children’s TV nostalgia

Children's TV exhibition at the Lowry Gallery, Manchester'Wolfblood
Children's TV exhibition at the Lowry Gallery, Manchester'Wolfblood

There’s a chance to take a trip down memory lane this weekend with the inaugural On TV festival at the Showroom Cinema celebrating the characters, catchphrases and colour of children’s television.

A range of academics and industry speakers will be speaking on favourite shows and debating topics from transmedia and branding, to children’s TV culture, to the changing nature of public service broadcasting.

Open to the public, the event is an opportunity to find out more about children’s television, while reminiscing on some forgotten classics.

The festival begins on Friday with an opening keynote speech from Máire Messenger Davies from the University of Ulster, who has recently worked on Newsround and Horrible Histories. 
Saturday sees a variety of talks and screenings, from a look at children’s fantasy TV including Wolfblood and My Little Pony, to an exploration of 1970s programming and further back in time to discuss Watch with Mother programmes like Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men.

Also participating will be Anna Home, chair of Sheffield-based Children’s Media Conference, and one of the original production team for Jackanory and commissioner of Grange Hill and Teletubbies over a long career with the BBC.

Other speakers are Debbie Moon, creator of CBBC’s Wolfblood, and Tat Wood, author of the About Time guides to Doctor Who.

The festival is being organised by Dr Lorna Jowett from the University of Northampton.