Miller Homes house builders helping to build homes in Africa

Two big hearted house builders are joining forces to aid a house building programme during a mercy mission to Africa.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 4:36 pm
Mercy mission to Malawi for Neil Reaney

Neil Reaney, 49, and Hayden Patterson, 25, from Miller Homes Yorkshire, are making  last minute preparations for a charity trip of a lifetime.

They will make the trip along with 16 of their dedicated work colleagues from across the UK, heading for Malawi .

Once they arrive in the African country they will be helping to build new homes for orphans and vulnerable children in Salima as part of the annual Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip.

This is the second year that the national house builder has taken part in the global trip and, as well as the physical construction of the new homes in Malawi, the team will witness first-hand how a safe and secure home can benefit many aspects of a person's life and for the immediate family and the wider community.

The land director at Miller Homes Yorkshire, Neil Reaney, said: “Both Hayden and I were thrilled when we were chosen as Yorkshire representatives and we are keen to support this community and learning some very different aspects of housebuilding.

“It is very easy to get wrapped up in the day to day work of building homes for communities in Yorkshire; this will really open our eyes and help us to make a difference to another community where new homes are just as, if not more so, important.

“Hayden and I are proud to be part of a company that cares about other people so much and allows us to go and make a difference where it’s really needed.”

Although the trip to Malawi is being funded by Miller Homes, each of the volunteers taking part must each raise £1,000 for Habitat for Humanity as part of their commitment to the trip.

To date, both Neil and Hayden have raised more than £7,000 between them and overall the team have raised more than £41,000 between them.

The head of operations and strategy at Habitat for Humanity, Manuela Campbell, said: "We are thrilled that Miller Homes are returning to Malawi with Habitat for Humanity, which is building on their financial and time investment and also demonstrating a continued commitment to addressing the housing poverty around the world.”

Manuela added: “Their fundraising and the hard work they will put in on the construction site will help transform the lives of vulnerable families in Malawi.

"Every brick they lay is a critical step to a new, better life.”

For more information on Miller Homes’ fundraising efforts, visit website.