GB ice hockey has blossomed through import influx says Sheffield Steelers’ David Simms

The Steelers Five are doing their country proud alongside the finest British players the Elite League has to offer.

Antiques Column: Crested ware will make ideal present

Antiques Column: Crested ware will make ideal present

I have lost count of the number of times we have been on holiday and spent a large percentage of the stay searching for gifts to bring home to family members.

Steve Shergold with the couple's daughter Esmee

Mum and wife speaks out about the devastation of bowel cancer

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month; as the month draws to a close, Team Verrico’s Head of Social Media, Gina Shergold, shared her personal experience of the disease.

John Gibson, pictured at the Sheffield Amphitheatre. Picture: Marie Caley NSTE Gibson MC 2

Favourite Things: Enjoying best al fresco life in our open air city

John Gibson has lived in Sheffield 30 years now. He completed his legal training at Howells Solicitors, specialising in Criminal Law and has stayed ever since. He became Partner in 1991 and now leads the reputable criminal defence team.

I live in Crookes, with my wife Moira who is now retired. I’m moving steadily in that direction, and being blessed with two granddaughters under two, I’m not going to be stuck for things to keep me amused in my spare time for a while.

If I had to describe what’s best about Sheffield in one word I’d say “open-air”. If you say that’s two words, I’m happy to argue my case – I’m a lawyer after all!

So – although I have a lot of time for the likes of Weston Park Museum, Crookes WMC, Depot Bakery, and Shepcote Lane Police Station, I’m going to go al fresco

with all my choices.

Artwork created at the event Live Late: Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History. Photo Museums Sheffield

Northern Lights: ‘As a society we need to take all the views of younger people seriously’

As I left home this morning, I felt that my request to empty the dishwasher had probably fallen on deaf ears. At times, all of us wonder if anyone really listens to what we say and we struggle to make our voice heard.

Column: ‘So much hostility to migrants’

Column: ‘So much hostility to migrants’

I strongly condemn the civil rights abuses that commonwealth citizens who have lived in Britain for decades are currently being subject to by this Tory Government. 
The children of Windrush and others from the Commonwealth that arrived between 1948 and 1971 are currently being made destitute and stateless due to the Government’s hostile immigration policies and this needs to stop.

Zack Fitzgerald takes his robust style back to Glasgow

Sheffield Steelers: Losing favourites hurts - but it’s the cycle of sport

The first week of the summer and it’s business as usual for Steelers.

A fifth of English farms have disappeared in the past 10 years

COLUMNIST: Farming industry’s unstoppable sea of change

Many of you, I expect, will have caught sight of the more than slightly alarming report on the state of England’s smaller farms.

Chloe Linkens

Chloe Linkens reveals her honky tonk piano-playing experience

I thought she was joking at first.

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Opinion: No plan for post EU would be a ‘disaster’ for Sheffield

With less than 12 months to go until Brexit day, working people in Sheffield have reason to be worried.

Queen's English should be a thing of the past

Education Column: Different accents should be celebrated in our classrooms

I’ve been thinking about the diversity in Sheffield schools over the Easter break.

That sinking feeling: Steelers end the season on a low

Simmsey column: This Summer Sheffield Steelers will get it right

If you’re not excited about the Steelers summer of 2018 – you should be.

Sue Taylor

COLUMNIST: What really constitutes a good diet?

During the past 50 years there has been much debate on the optimal dietary advice for improving long-term health in the general population as well as in people with established cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure obesity, osteoporosis and other problems related to the Western lifestyle.

Zoe Holmes

COLUMNIST: How could we develop our own ‘women of steel’ at girls’ school?

Around three years ago, a colleague shared a TED talk with me that would have an incredible impact upon my pedagogy as a teacher and my vision as an educational leader.

Dr Alan Billings

COLUMNIST: What will reduce crime in South Yorkshire?

The first thing anyone interested in policing wants to know is: what will reduce crime?

Sheffield Stock pic taken from roof of Wilkos Park Hill Flats Yorkshire Flag Tram Bridge

Northern Lights: Community spirit still strong in our pioneering ‘streets in the sky’ flats

Well the Park Hill Flats or “streets in the sky” as they are affectionately called, are in the news and for all the right reasons. Having had a long family association with them it’s been interesting reading what the national press have been saying. Catherine, my daughter, taught at Park Hill school for a good number of years in the 90s and tells stories of how many of the young people have made it in life, even with sometimes a tough upbringing. Former Sheffield United player Kyle Naughton, now a successful Premier League footballer, is one such example. I served as an MP for more than 25 years for the area and, as a minister, was involved, for good or bad, in having the flats listed in the late 90s. Also, a few years later, convincing Tom Bloxham, MBE, from Urban Splash that the flats’ renovation would be one of the North’s great regeneration projects.

At Mr Pickles' Yorkshire Food Emporium customers can enjoy lamb all year round

FOOD: Lamb - a springtime tradition

Traditionally associated with Easter because of its religious symbolism, lamb still conjures up images of spring and rebirth making it the popular choice at this time of year.

Eating Out

Video: Which one of these Sheffield Steelers players will 'miss the Prom?'

This time last year we were about to embark on ‘Nine Days of Madness’ that would result in Steelers lifting the Play Off Championship trophy.

England's Joe Root signals his 50 against New Zealand during their first cricket test in Auckland, New Zealand

Smith column: Aussie cheats remembered for all the wrong reasons

In 10 years time what will we remember?

picture of a hacker on a computer

Column: Bomb hoax shows now is the time to review emergency situations

Bomb threats were sent to several Sheffield schools on Monday morning, in what turned out to be a worrying few hours for staff across the city.

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