Sheffield’s own ‘Storrs Henge’ trail revealed as response to pandemic "community spirit"

A Sheffield artist has been busy creating the city’s answer to Stonehenge with a sculpture trail that stretches over five miles and a towering ‘Storrs Henge’ stone circle as its centre piece.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 11:43 am
Andrew ‘Stoneface’ Vickers with one of his stone carved hearts.

Andrew ‘Stoneface’ Vickers is the artist behind a growing number of heart-shaped sculptures that have been appearing in and around Sheffield that have been created in response to ‘community spirit’ throughout the pandemic.

Now, he will create a carved stone circle in memory of the pandemic and people pulling together to help one another during their time of need.

The stone circle will be located high on the banks of Stannington’s Storrs Wood where Andrew ‘Stoneface’ Vickers spent his time living and working in isolation for the duration of the various lockdowns.

Artist impression of 'Storrs Henge'

Andrew Vickers said: “Over the months of isolation the incredible stories of community spirit resonated more and more and the ‘Storrs Henge’ project started to form.

“This is a chance for people to engage back with nature.

"Storrs Henge will be a unique space to heal, to contemplate and to look to the future. This land sculpture will truly symbolise the strength of humanity that has helped us get through this unprecedented period.”

Visible from miles around, it will comprise nine towering eight-foot high stones – each one hand carved to tell an individual story that celebrates the spirit of community that has enabled so many to endure the difficult times over the past twelve months.

The stone circle will be flanked by oak trees grown from acorns from Storrs Wood.

The stones will be configured within the shape of an eye to symbolise the spirit of community and the fact there’s always someone watching over you.

The stone circle will be flanked by oak trees grown from acorns from Storrs Wood.

Rowan trees – known as the ‘tree of life’ since ancient times – will be sited at the entrance and exit.

The project would normally have been funded by the Friends of Stoneface Creative events programme but, because the pandemic forced all events to be cancelled, a GoFundMe page has been set up for donations via

Over £10,000 has already been raised to fund the £20,000 project.