Boxing could lose another local middleweight to retirement- at the ripe of age of 28

The local middleweight boxing scene could be set to lose yet another one of its star operators.

Friday, 9th February 2018, 5:27 am
Lewis Taylor during a public work out session in the Peace Gardens.

Sam Sheedy, Adam Etches and Rod Smith’s careers have all come to an end in recent times.

Now Dronfield’s Lewis Taylor is at a crossroads and unsure whether he, too, will ever climb back through the ropes.

Taylor scaled the rankings to a distinguished, domestic level - but when he got there results went against him, and he has lost four out of his last five outings.

He was beaten by quality opponents in Tommy Langford, Luke Keeler, Jamie Cox and Mark Heffron.

In his last loss to Heffron, in November, he was knocked out for the first time and since then he has been mulling over his options - especially as some modelling contracts have been coming his way.

“I am having a break and doing some thinking about what I am going to do; I have got a decision to make” said Taylor (Won 19 Lost five Drawn 1) who has to juggle the sport’s demands with a full-time working commitment.

Adam Etches

“Dave Coldwell offered me a Midland area title shot, I think it was against Corey Jackson, but I’ve not been training so passed up on it.

“I’m a bit fed up with the sport, it can be hard work.

“And that’s not just the training, the fighting, the dieting, the selling of the tickets, it’s the politics which always seem to be against you.

“I have lost a few fights now so it’s harder to sell tickets; so you can end up being an away fighter. Plus a few modelling jobs have been coming up and that and boxing don’t exactly go hand in hand.”

Sam Sheedy and Liam Cameron - who remains in the sport

His KO in Newcastle at the end of last year hurt his pride, as well as his record.

“If I had that fight another 10 times it wouldn’t have been the same outcome” said the 28-year-old, who works in Dinnington.

“I had always felt I was unstoppable but when that happened, well I had to take it on the chin, no pun intended.

“I think all the losses I have had were close.

Rod Smith

“And if I didn’t have a job I am sure my career would have gone in a different direction.”

Taylor has spoken to his trainer Keith Palmer about his uncertain future.

“Keith says there is no point going into the sport half-hearted, I would have to be absolutely committed to it - even if it meant going back to the drawing board and starting all over again.

“Maybe in six months or so, I will get the buzz back, we’ll see.

“But the longer I leave it, the less likely that is.

“But for the time being, with other middleweight retiring round here, it’s down to Liam Cameron to do it for Sheffield now!”

Adam Etches

Meanwhile Sheffield light heavyweight Scott Westgarth will face unbeaten Dec Spelman at Doncaster Dome, over 10 rounds,on Saturday February 24. The Glyn Rhodes boxer has a won six lost two drawn one record.

Sam Sheedy and Liam Cameron - who remains in the sport
Rod Smith