Everything we know about armed police operation in Sheffield

This is everything we know so far about an armed police operation in Sheffield today.

Saturday, 6th April 2019, 17:48 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th April 2019, 17:54 pm
Armed police were seen on Abbeydale Road earlier today. Picture: Sarah Lomas

- Armed police were seen in Eyre Street, near Decathalon, in Sheffield city centre at around 11am

- Residents reported seeing a heavy armed police presence in Abbeydale Road from 11.30am

Armed police were seen on Abbeydale Road earlier today. Picture: Sarah Lomas

- Eye-witness, Chris Shelton, said he saw up to 15 armed officers pin a man to the floor outside the Sheffield Superstore 

He said: “They were on him so quick. They appeared out of nowhere, and were holding him so tight. He didn’t have time to do anything, he was shocked. Cars appeared outside the supermarket all of a sudden. He was taken to an unmarked car, and they spoke to him there. He was taken off in a marked police car after that. Undercover officers seen surveying the area earlier in the morning became involved. Everyone round here is really shocked, it’s not what you expect to see where you live. You know that these things do happen, but you don’t expect it to happen where you live.”

- The man accosted by officers is believed to be in his 20s, and is said to live in the area 

- South Yorkshire Police (SYP) have said the police presence seen across Sheffield is part of a ‘pre-planned operation’

Police were seen to pin a man to the ground

A spokesman said: “The earlier police presence was part of a pre-planned operation. Our enquiries are still ongoing so we won’t be able to release any further details at this stage.”

- SYP have not responded to requests for information on whether anyone has been arrested or charged in connection with the incident 

- The road was blocked to vehicles travelling north for around 40 minutes after the man was accosted by officers 

- Armed officers were seen on the road until around 3.30pm 

- Police officers have been seen searching the bins behind Apna Lahore on Abbeydale Road 

- Officers wearing gloves have also been seen searching a vehicle parked on Belper Road

- No crime reference has been issued in connection with the incident, but anyone with information can call police on 101