Dennis Hobson column: Kid Galahad should be Sheffield's next world champion

Kid Galahad - a great, yet avoided fighter with a sparkling 23+0 record. The guy needs a break to get to the big time. If you were promoting him how would you get him to the world status he craves?

Monday, 18th December 2017, 11:16 am
Kid Galahad - avoided talent

First of all, I’d get my magic wand out! See if I can sprinkle a bit of magic onto his already proven ability.

He’s a talented kind, but he seems to fall into the ‘who needs him’ category.

He needs a promoter to believe in him, and someone with a TV platform to take him on to the world scene. He’s capable of winning something big; I’d want to keep him as active as possible, get him in a major fight on home turf and hopefully we’d have another world champion in Sheffield.

Obviously he’s not with me but he’s a talented kid.

I’m sure I could get him up there with the right support, and the right TV platform.

Hopefully as our project with Freesports TV develops, we’ll be getting fighters of his calibre involved.

Where does Amir Khan go after the jungle?

Big Brother’s next, isn’t it, after ‘I’m a Celebrity’!?

Or maybe he’ll end up in Eastenders having a fight with Alfie Moon!

Because of his style, warm up fights aren’t always the right way because he can leave himself exposed. There are potential banana skins out there and I think he’s only got a couple of fights left in him and they need to be top level.

I would have made the Kell Brook fight, but that’s not what’s going to happen.

Maybe they’ll get him on the next Kell Brook show, as chief support, and then put them two together afterwards.

What next for James Degale after his IBF World Super Middleweight title defeat- should he quit?

It’s difficult because I didn’t watch the fight, but I heard a lot about it.

He’s fought as an amateur and pro for a long time, and has had a long career and his body might just be starting to break down a bit.

He’s had a bad day at the office; he needs to freshen up.

Maybe he needs a fresh start, maybe a new trainer and I think there’s two or three major fights out there for him with George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr.

If I were looking after him, I’d want to sit him down, maybe a new trainer even though Jim McDonnell has been with him a long time, but sometimes you need fresh ideas and fresh faces around.

Maybe that’s what he’ll do.