Former Sheffield schoolboy becomes new Mayor of Watford

Councillor Peter Taylor has become the new directly-elected mayor of Watford.
Councillor Peter Taylor has become the new directly-elected mayor of Watford.

A former Sheffield schoolboy has been elected as the new mayor of Watford.

Councillor Peter Taylor, who grew up in Sheffield, has become the directly-elected mayor for the area following last week's election.

The father-of-three went to St Mary's Primary, in High Green and Coit Primary in Chapeltown before attending Notre Dame High School, where he studied history and politics at sixth form.

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He said it was his passionate teachers at Notre Dame and a trip to the Houses of Parliament which helped ignite his passion for politics.

Coun Taylor, whose father Colin was a councillor on Sheffield Council between 2009 and 2012, said: "I studied A-level politics, and history too, at Notre Dame.

"I had fantastic teachers - Mr O'Connor, Mr Bonner, Mr Scriven and Mr Dale.

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"They were so enthusiastic and I feel extremely lucky to have been taught by them.

"I remember going on a school trip to the Houses of Parliament and being fascinated by the place."

After finishing his schooling in Sheffield, Coun Taylor went to Edinburgh University before working as a parliamentary researcher, then as a teacher in Watford before becoming a Liberal Democrat councillor.

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He added: "I become a councillor in Watford because I wanted to make a positive difference to the place I live.

"It is easy to have a go at politicians but I think most of us are motivated by the same thing and that's caring about your community and the people who live in it.

"I'd encourage any young person interested in politics to get involved, you never know where it will lead.

"Growing up in Sheffield I certainly never imagined that I would end up as the elected mayor of Watford."