Man arrested for attempted burglary in Sheffield

A man has been arrested following a report of an attempted burglary in Sheffield in the early hours of the morning.Â

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 06 November, 2018, 20:24
Police arrested a man following an attempted robbery in Fox Hill

A Fox Hill resident contacted South Yorkshire police at 1:15am today, after being disturbed by people attempting to break into their garage.

The people did not manage to gain entry, and nothing was stolen.

However, posting on Facebook officers from Sheffield North East NHP said the homeowner did the right thing by ringing police so quickly.

They said: 'Many people would have perhaps thought there was no point reporting this incident, as the offenders did not manage to gain entry, but thanks to the report and subsequent action an arrest became possible

'We know that burglary is of great concern to the public and it is examples like this one which show the action we can take when incidents are reported to police quickly.

'Should you have any information regarding this incident or any of other crime within the Fox Hill area then please contact your local team.'