Meet the UK's youngest ever solo pilot - a schoolboy from Doncaster!

High-flying Joe Sutherland is set to become the UK's youngest ever solo pilot - aged just 16!

Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 09:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 08:56 am
Joe takes to the skies.

It is believed the Doncaster lad will become the country's youngest ever pilot to fly solo - without an instructor on board - when he takes to the skies on his 16th birthday on December 6.

Joe in the cockpit.

The Dunsville aviator said: "I remember my first lesson and it was such a strange feeling to know that you are in control of an aircraft but it was so exciting.

"It's the feeling of being so high up there where people do not normally go. It is so freeing.

"It will be pretty big if I can fly on my birthday and it's cool to be able to fly a plane before I can drive a car!"

Joe flies a two-seater, single-engined Cessna 150 aircraft out of Sandtoft Airfield just on the outskirts of Doncaster.

The Cessna aircraft.

He has already done 15 hours worth of lessons and needs to complete a total of 45 to get his Private Pilots Licence.

READ MORE: CCTV APPEAL: Men sought after railway transformers stolen in South YorkshireBy law he cannot get his full licence until he is 17 but as part of the training he needs to complete 10 hours of solo flying.

He hopes to start completing this solo aspect when he hits 16 - which he, his family and his instructor believe will make him the youngest ever to do so in the UK.

Joe said he no longer feels any nerves about flying and hopes one day to become a fighter pilot for the RAF.

Joe gets ready for take off.

He said: "I just really enjoy it and look forward to it every time.

"I really like the RAF's Tornado GR4s. They are so fast. It would be amazing to fly them one day."

Although already an accomplished pilot despite his young years, his mum Gemma still gets nervous every time he takes to the skies.

The 38-year-old said: "I am a really nervous flyer and get jittery whenever he takes off.

Joe in the cockpit of the Cessna.

"He's also had Airfix and models of planes.

"I am so proud of him. He's has been ambitious right from an early age.

"His instructors are very impressed with him and according to our research he will be the youngest ever to do a solo flight."

Joe in the cockpit.
The Cessna aircraft.
Joe gets ready for take off.
Joe in the cockpit of the Cessna.