New bar for city centre despite protests from residents

A new Sheffield city centre bar has been granted a licence by councillors, despite objections from residents.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 21 November, 2018, 07:17
Sheffield Town Hall

The objections, which included two elected councillors raised concerns about noise for the proposed Watt bar on Charles Street, just off Arundel Gate.

The applicant, Forge Creations Limited, have been awarded the licence subject to conditions that residents would like to see in place.

These conditions include: having a dedicated phone number for residents to contact should noise levels become too high and also that staff receive training on keeping noise to a minimum.

Andrew Grice, director of Forge Creations said: 'The residents in Butchers Works are my target audience and I really hope that we can work together beyond this.

'We want to mix in with the locality of the area and we really don't want to antagonise any residents in the local area or make their lives more difficult at all and also to contribute to the wider city region.'

Coun Ben Miskell was at the committee meeting as a concerned resident who lives close to the proposed development.

He said: 'The development that I live in, has hundreds of people living there who work in the city and many of us have to get up quite early in the morning so that's why we are concerned about some of the more extended opening times.'

City ward Coun Douglas Johnson has worked closely with Forge Creations to make sure residents' concerns have been heard.

He said: 'I've met with Andrew Grice and visited the Watt Bar premises and in fact we've seen quite a lot of progress from when we started the work to what's actually been agreed now.'

Watt Bar is set to open on Charles Street in the spring of next year.