Sheffield's best dog friendly pubs, walks and shops

Living in Sheffield, dubbed The Outdoor City, is perfect for doting dog owners. Having the opportunity to exercise dogs in the tranquil green spaces in can be the perfect way to unwind and be close to nature.

Thursday, 5th August 2021, 12:00 am
Updated Friday, 6th August 2021, 9:43 pm

It is a weekend pastime that Andrew Parkin always appreciated when working in his 9-5 corporate job. But the pandemic has changed the course of many people's lives, including his.

Andrew said: ”It’s so easy for us all to get swept up in everything and never take stock on your happiness and mental health. Everyone's life is so busy, and for me, I found it almost impossible to take a step back on where I was going. It was like being on a treadmill. I knew that volunteering for furlough would give me that much needed breather.

“Very quickly I realised I wasn't happy in the corporate environment and needed to make some serious changes. By embracing redundancy it gave me the opportunity to follow my love of dogs by setting up a premium dog adventure service.”

Andrew & Rosie at Bamford Edge.

Andrew's new venture is going from strength to strength. Collar Country Club covers Crookes and south west Sheffield and is a bespoke dog adventure service, only offering small group adventures for no more than four dogs at a time.

Andrew dedicates the rest of his time to freelancing on various projects, such as writing for a national dog magazine, with his first article on the benefits of taking your dog to the pub. A pastime he very much enjoys with wife Lauren and 10 year old labrador, Rosie...

Eating out

We are very privileged to live in a city that is so dog friendly, not only for walking but also taking your dog out to eat and drink. We especially enjoy taking Rosie to The Closed Shop in Crookesmoor, The Punch Bowl in Crookes and The Rising Sun on Fulwood Road. All offer incredible food and drink.

The Closed Shop is one of the family's favourites

Owning a golden labrador automatically gets the attention of the customers and staff. I know I may be biased, but when your dog is as cute as Rosie, it feels like being a local celebrity at times! Rosie loves being made a fuss of, the staff are always keen to see her - she's such a little socialite.

Walking routes

I have been a doggy parent for over six years and I am still finding new routes to take Rosie. One of my favourites is walking up Bamford Edge. Leaving from Heatherdene Car Park, making your way up to the summit gives you world class scenery that takes my breath away every time.

If you want to be a little closer to home then Sheffield’s woodland and plethora of reservoirs are always ready to be explored. I adore walking Rosie near to Rivelin Reservoir. Winding your way up from the car park towards Reddicar Clough, then over the majestic moorlands heading to Wyming Brook and back can be a full afternoon. It’s incredibly peaceful and reminds me of how lucky I am to live in a city with such accessible countryside. My favourite time of year to walk there is in the autumn, the huge gritstone cliffs, large boulders and imposing coniferous woodland showcase nature in its finest glory.


I don’t deny Rosie is spoilt. I swear she gets more Christmas and birthday presents than I do! Taking a dog into K9 Butcher in Crookesmoor is like going to Disney World for dogs. This shop has recently been taken over from long term friend Judy and is run by locals Tony and Hayley – very knowledgeable and super friendly. Dogs need to be eating the right food, get plenty of exercise and look good. This is why we go to Picasso’s for her grooming needs. The team are experts.